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Our studios provide the perfect physical space to tune in and focus attention on the now, while our knowledgeable teachers bring the tradition of the ancient into the modern time. You can choose from classes with dynamism, energy and athleticism, to an authentic and peaceful experience that will help you find infinite stillness.

There are many different styles of yoga from Hatha, Hot, Yin & Vinyasa Yoga... This choice can be baffling if you’re new to the practice or curious and want to try it out.

So we’ve made things simple by grouping yoga classes into three categories: Flow, Align and Calm. 

Our Yoga Classes


Yoga Flow is your one stop shop for dynamism, energy and athleticism. Glide into our beautifully designed and purpose built studio and be transported to a place where time pauses. Away from the hustle and bustle of life with all the mats and props you could need, expect a rinse out of the body, mind and soul. Our passionate and experienced teachers will guide you into your innermost sense of being both physically and mentally.


Yoga Align is the Guru that will cut through the confusion of life to offer a balanced experience of foundational poses. Get your asana into a class and discover your breath as a weapon of mass concentration. Our studios provide the perfect physical space to tune in and focus attention on the now while knowledgeable teachers skilfully weave the tradition of the ancient into a modern context. Mats, blocks and straps will be provided to boost the efficacy of your practice.


Yoga Calm is the ultimate refresh for your body, mind and soul. Find infinite stillness in the quietude of the ancient roots of this practice. Whether you need to stretch your body or spin your chakras, yoga calm transforms your energy from the depths of your being. Authentic and peaceful, our heartfelt teachers will take you on a journey into yourself and back again all within the walls of our divine and nourishing studio spaces. You will be supported by Manduka mats and props. 

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