Yoga Calm

Long held poses to enhance your chi flow.

Yoga Calm is the ultimate refresh for your body, mind and soul. Find infinite stillness in the quietude of the ancient roots of this practice. Whether you need to stretch your body or spin your chakras, yoga calm transforms your energy to the depths of your being. Authentic and peaceful, our heartfelt teachers will take you on a journey into yourself and back again all within the walls of our divine and nourishing studio spaces. Be supported by Manduka mats and props.



Calories Burnt

Up to 200

Skill Level

All fitness levels are welcome

Offered at

Holland Village
Paya Lebar
Raffles Place
Tanjong Pagar

What should I bring?

Tense body, busy mind, willing heart

Why is it good for me?

Yoga Calm classes aid mobility and flexibility in your joints, connective tissue and muscles. This forms an ongoing basis for integration, wholeness and complete surrender both on and off your yoga mat. They assist in harmonizing the Vata and Pitta doshas through the deeply grounding essence and connection to the earth. Yoga Calm classes also have meditative benefits including increasing self awareness and happiness and reducing stress.

What will I do?

With the soothing composition of long held poses and a focus on pure presence, Yoga Calm classes keep you close to the ground. This is a floor based practice, with predominantly seated or reclining poses. Classes condition the mind as much as the body. Within the meditative stillness of these practices, you will have time to connect deeply with the breath as an anchor to each present moment.

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