Yoga Flow

Inhale and relax, exhale and feel energised. Be in tune with body and mind in this flowing practise.

Yoga Flow is your one stop shop for dynamism, energy and athleticism. Glide into our beautifully designed and purpose built studios and be transported to a place where time pauses. Away from the hustle and bustle of life with all the mats and props you could need : expect a rinse out of the body, mind and soul. Our passionate and experienced teachers will guide you into your innermost sense of being both physically and mentally.



Calories Burnt

Up to 500

Skill Level

All fitness levels are welcome

Offered at

Holland Village
Paya Lebar
Raffles Place
Tanjong Pagar

What should I bring?

Stiff body, determined mind, open heart Yoga towel

Why is it good for me?

This intense, purposeful and dynamic yoga creates a connection between breath and movement. Increase strength and support muscle development while clearing your mind. Yoga Flow best balances the Kapha dosha by increasing the elements of air and ether through the body system. It will help increase mobility and your range of movement.

What will I do?

With carefully crafted sequences of poses and challenges aplenty, expect to energize all the parts of you from head to toes. In Yoga Flow you will get a taste of creative progressions of poses linked together including standing, balances and everything in between.

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