MMA Fitness

Just like the fighters in the ring, burn fat, strike hard!

Be a lean, mean fighting machine. This class brings the authentic training technique of mixed martial artists into the group fitness studio equipped with boxing bags for one intense workout. You’ll learn kickboxing, Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu moves just like the pros.



Calories Burnt

Up to 600

Skill Level

All fitness levels are welcome

Offered at

Raffles Place

What should I bring?

Your Virgin Active Fitness Club will provide the necessary equipment. All you need is comfortable workout clothes, supportive shoes, a drink bottle and a sweat towel. Your own boxing gloves and wraps are optional.

Why is it good for me?

As one of the most intense sports out there, mixed martial arts demands strength and endurance. The combat drills will test your physical and mental stamina, making it a fantastic way to work out your entire body.

What will I do?

The cardio warm up will pick up your heart rate, and help burn those extra calories. Whilst push ups, squats and core work will work every muscle of the body! All while refining your MMA skills and having a whole load of sweaty fun!

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