Club Etiquette

  • Book your class and/or gym floor slot on MyLocker before coming to club.
  • To keep things fair, you can have six bookings at any given time and three of these can be hot classes. Cancel before 9pm to avoid strikes. Cancellations after 9pm and before 1 hour of the class start time incur 1 strike. Cancellations within 1 hour or no shows incur 2 strikes. If 6 strikes are incurred in a calendar month, maximum bookings at any given time will be reduced to 1 booking for 4 weeks. This is to ensure that all members get a chance to make their booking.
  • Be punctual! We start our classes on time. Please arrive at your booking time. You will not be able to join a class if the warmup has commenced and/or the studio door is closed. There will be no entry once class begins.
  • It is recommended to keep your mask on, except in high intensity classes or when you feel breathless.
  • Phones are not to be used during classes to ensure that everyone is focusing and enjoying the workout.
  • Grip socks must be worn in all Reformer classes to allow you to flow better in class. Grip socks also gives you a better grip in your Reformer class. Check out the available designs for your purchase at reception. They look better than our Virgin Active socks and you get to exercise in style.
  • Wipe down the equipment after each of your workout.
  • Put on your face mask as long as you are not doing any high intensity workout.
  • Due to capacity management regulations, every member are entitled to 15 minutes to cool down, shower or change after the class.


Be part of our inner circle, help ensure our clubs are safe and lovely for yourself and everyone.