Virgin Active X Tencent Exclusive

Virgin Active teamed up with Tencent to shine the spotlight on its employees' health, wellness and fitness.

Mind, Body and Soul

We're big on holistic fitness

We want you to feel great while crushing your fitness goals. Hence, it's not always about working hard but also to relax, recover and recharge.

Company paid membership

Unlimited access to all Virgin Active Clubs in Singapore

1-hour Ignition session

Includes fitness assessment with a Personal Trainer

Exclusive Gift

Premium Virgin Active branded gym bag


Book a visit to get started

We ask that you choose the nearest club to you and our team will assist with Tencent employees' enrollments. You may choose to visit other Virgin Active Fitness Clubs for your workouts after your membership is set up.


Activate your company paid membership

Present your Tencent badge, business card or proof of email address (that’s proof you work at Tencent) and billing details* and we’ll set you up with your membership. *Your membership is fully paid for by Tencent. The billing details are for items such as food, drinks, apparel and personal training should you choose to purchase in the future.


Upon registration

You will receive your “MyLocker” login username and password via email. Book in for your gym workout or favourite class through MyLocker. Already a Virgin Active member? Contact us to request for your membership to be converted to company paid.

6-world class clubs in Singapore

Your membership comes with unlimited free access to any of our clubs