Relax, Recover, Restore

Support your body’s natural ability to repair itself right here at the gym in our stretching zones, sleep pods, ice and steam rooms, or spa pool.

Mind, Body and Soul

We're big on holistic wellness

We want you to feel great while crushing your fitness goals. Hence, it's not always about working hard but also to relax, recover and recharge.

No additional fees

It's included in your membership. No top-ups are required.

Innovative Features

Experience the Zero-Gravity Sleep Pods, Himalayan Salt Room, Hydrotherapy Spa Pool, and more.


No bookings required (except for Sleep Pods and Cold Plunge). Rejuvenation can take place any day and time of the week.


Himalayan Salt Inhalation Room

Cleanse your respiratory tract as you destress in this Himalayan salt-heated, temperature-controlled relaxation room. Get comfy on a day bed while you detox and unwind.


Zero-Gravity Sleep Pods

Take a power nap to boost alertness and productivity.


Hydrotherapy Spa Pool

Relieve the tension and reduce muscle soreness after a high-intensity workout.

Ice and Steam Rooms

Decrease your recovery time with the hot-and-cold therapy. Improves your immune system and increases blood circulation when you toggle between the two extremes.

Experiential Showers

Try four shower experiences offering different levels of warmth, colour, and intensity. Cool off with essential oil-infused tropical rain and cold mist showers for an added sensory experience, perfect for winding down after a good workout.

Fitness Therapy Zone

Explore our exclusive space designed for optimal muscle relief, featuring cutting-edge devices from Hyperice, including the Hypervolt 2 Pro, Hypersphere Go, and more. Unleash targeted muscle recovery for an unparalleled fitness experience.

Come and test us out

We can tell you all about why Virgin Active is the right fit for you, but it’s best for you to experience why yourself. Get your free gym trial now.


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