The floor is yours

Do your thing in our spacious gym floors decked out with the latest equipment in dedicated zones that cater to every type of gym workout.

The heart of every club

A gym floor for all your needs

Cardio, strength, functional and stretch - each zone is decked out with the best quality equipment like Technogym, so you'll get a world-class workout every time.

Quality Equipment

State of the art equipment helps you feel safe and empowered to take your workout further.

Dedicated spaces

Dedicated spaces for all types of training to make both beginners and athletes feel motivated

Work Out Your Way

More cardio and training equipment so your workout is done at your pace with little wait time.


More room to move

Don’t settle for less. Join the gym that understands the power of more. More room to move and more equipment to target your needs. When you come in for a workout you can feel confident knowing that you'll have exactly what you need, right when you need it.


Stronger together

Whether you’re into weight lifting, olympic lifting, free weights, or plate and pin-loaded machines, we’ve got you covered. We’ve filled our spacious floors with equipment to help you build strength as you like it.


Let's get functional

Squat, push, pull, lunge and twist as you please in our spacious functional training zone. With an assortment of equipment, kettlebells, rowers, ski ergs, self-powered treadmills and more, we’ve got everything you need to take your HIIT workouts to the next level.


Raise your heartrate

Whether you love to hate it, or hate to love it, cardio is an awesome way to knock out a workout. And the best part is you’ll always have a space to run, walk, cycle, row or ski in our expansive cardio zones. Our wide array of Technogym cardio equipment is sure to keep you feeling happy and healthy.


Reach new heights

Take your workout even higher with a climb on our world-leading EP climbing wall. Grab a friend or take advantage of our Auto Belay Technology for a solo climb. You’ll love the feeling as you grasp the next hold and experience new heights of adrenaline and stamina.

Body composition

Our body composition analysis devices are available, at no additional charge. See where you are today so you can build goals for tomorrow.

Let's get personal

Don’t forget to take advantage of your complimentary 45-minute planning session with one of our expert personal coaches.

Clean and pristine

Your health and happiness is our number one priority. And that includes making sure our gyms are clean for your visit.

Come and test us out

We can tell you all about why Virgin Active is the right fit for you, but it’s best for you to experience why yourself. Get your free gym trial now.


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