How To Treat Yourself With A Dose Of Self-Love


It’s something that’s become more commonplace, as mental health is made more of a priority for a healthy lifestyle, and rightly so, with one in seven Singaporeans currently experiencing depression, anxiety or both. So, how do you practice self-love?

To give you some ideas, we’ve put together a few techniques and activities you might like to use for practicing self-love. Remember, try and find what works for you – everyone’s different.

Connect by Disconnecting

For some of us, our happy place lies in the words and melodies of our favourite authors and artists; it can be a fantastic way to escape into another world.

You may prefer to read fantastical stories, go see a movie, get stuck into true crime or chill out to a variety of bands. Whatever your pick, disconnecting and relaxing in your happy place can be one of the best ways to experience some self-love.

Whatever platform you prefer, it’s great to have a world to escape to where you can get some self-love.

Meditating and Practicing Mindfulness

A great way to get yourself into the right head space for feeling that self-love can be practicing mindfulness. By giving yourself a short time to meditate, either per day or intermittently through the week, you can potentially:

Improve Your Sleeping Habits 

Better understand your emotions, reduce stress and feel happier.

Apps like Headspace are a great way to get started on some easy meditation sessions, helping you develop your mindset to bring in some self-love.

Acknowledge Compliments and Your Good Qualities

If we’re not experiencing a great deal of self-love, it can be really easy to brush aside compliments and praise, because we’re not believing them.

One way that can help you is to write down what’s good about yourself in your journal or on your phone. Write down a compliment immediately after someone shares it with you, or simply write what you know you’re good at. When you're not used to doing this, it can be jarring. However, as you continue to practice it, the act will become easier and you'll start to believe in yourself.

An additional way to do this is by saying “thank you” when you receive a compliment. We often believe that we cannot accept compliments and should talk badly about ourselves in reply. This only ends up frustrating the person giving the compliment, and makes you feel bad about yourself. Try instead to simply smile, share your thanks and leave it at that.

Get Active 

One of the best ways to increase your positivity and start to feel like you have some self-love is to get active. Whether you prefer to do it by yourself or with some of your friends, it’s shown that physical activity can have great effects for your mind.

You might love to get out on the tennis or basketball court for a casual afternoon sesh, join a social sports team after work, or spend some time at the gym.