How to Create Healthy At-Home Habits

By now, you’ve likely settled into your circuit breaker life and developed a bulletproof hand-washing routine.

You’ve probably also started to go a little stir crazy.

Most of us have perfected our everyday habits in the ‘normal world’, and understand what we need to do to feel good. We know that incidental exercise while walking to the train station in the morning makes a difference, as does that quick coffee break with your favourite colleague.

So what happens when you’re essentially stuck inside 24/7, apart from your pets and house plants suddenly getting a lot more attention?

It’s essential right now, more than ever, to purposefully develop healthy at-home habits. It can be more of an effort to do, as no one’s around to force you to get out of your pyjamas. But the effort is worth it, both for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Here are some things you can do to stay healthy (in every way) when you’re at home. 

Put Together a Schedule 

A schedule might not seem like the most exciting thing to create, but structure can be effective in maintaining your sanity. You can incorporate normal aspects of your pre-quarantine life into your schedule too.

For example, you might lock in a coffee break at 10am, because that’s what you usually do, or an after-work walk to emulate that usual commute time (minus the stressful traffic or jam-packed public transport).

Usually hit up a Grid (Hiit) class first thing in the morning? Get that workout gear on, because there’s a plethora of exercise videos available on Virgin Active MyLocker.

A schedule also means you can work towards achieving certain goals, and will feel more like you’ve earned that couch time when you do. These goals don’t have to be huge – they can be as simple as “go for 1 walk today”, “clean out that cupboard I’ve been avoiding opening for 2 years”, etc.

Put Together a Schedule for the Kids 

If you have children, no matter how old they are, it’s just as essential for them to be active and get them on a schedule too. That’s both for your sanity, and theirs. For those suddenly home schooling your kids, this will be even more important.

For young ones, you may want to incentivise sticking to certain elements of their schedule. For example, if they crush that 3-hour block of study time, they can earn some TV time. It's important to set boundaries but also offer rewards for their staying on task!

Stand Up, Stretch, Breathe 
It might seem weird to remind people to stand up, stretch, and even breathe, but these are all things that benefit from some conscious effort. It’s easy to let the workday zoom (pun intended) past without really thinking about how you’re feeling, or even taking proper breaks for yourself.

Set reminders to regularly stop and stand up, walk away from your desk, and even practice some stretching or meditative breathing. This amazing yoga breathing technique can actually help you de-stress.

Even if you’re slammed with work, it’ll all still be there in 5-10 minutes. Plus, you’re more likely to return to your desk feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your tasks. 

Give Social Media a Break 

Humans are social creatures and all this distancing can take a real toll on our mental health. That being said, scrolling through social media for hours isn’t necessarily going to make you feel more connected (in fact, it might ironically do the opposite).

Don’t be afraid to switch off on occasion. Most social media platforms even have an in-built option to alert you when you’ve been browsing for a certain amount of time.

Besides, one better use of your phone for staying connected is to… 
Call Your Mum! (or, Your Family and Friends) 
With texting now the norm, many of us forget about the original purpose of our phones – calling. These days, technology is handy enough to make it possible to video call our friends and family members – it’s all about staying connected.

It’s a great idea to purposefully set aside time to call the people you love and see how they’re faring in quarantine times. 
Keep an Eye on the Virgin Active Website 
While Virgin Active’s gyms are closed until circuit breaker ends, you can still keep in touch with our community. Keep an eye out for our blogs for inspiring titbits on nourishment and tips to unwind to help you get through this difficult time.

Remember, it’s OK to feel anxious, overwhelmed, worried, or sad. But by developing (and actually sticking to) healthy at-home habits, you can help boost your physical and mental wellbeing in real ways, until we’re all out safely on the other side.

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