Boost Your Career with Self-Love

Love is in the air! Self-love that is. No matter what industry you’re in, mental health is becoming a priority.

To maintain and ensure your mental health isn’t something that’s an afterthought, giving yourself a dose of self-love is crucial. 

No matter how you choose to practice self-love, bringing this into your life can do wonders for your professional career. Let’s explore how self-love can help your career, looking at different self-love techniques that have positive effects on how you work.  

How can self-love help your career?

1. Enhance your Energy Levels with Mindfulness and Better Sleep 

When you’re not feeling self-love, often your inner thoughts can keep you up at night. This can roll into decreased concentration at work, and stop you from putting your best foot forward in a professional sense. 

Energy and mindset which can come from practising mindfulness through meditation. By allowing time to meditate, you will have renewed energy, and a better sleeping pattern. With more sleep and energy, you’ll be able to seize the day and conquer your career goals with ease.

2.  Disconnect for Better Connections 

When you’re down, sometimes it’s hard to get past the voices in your head putting you down. You might be doubting your ability to please clients, complete projects or even see a purpose in your professional life.

By practicing self-love through disconnecting, you can actually enhance your perspective. For example, reading a book, going to see a movie or even heading out for retail therapy can give you a break from what is plaguing your mind. Then when you come back to your work, you can look at any issues with fresh eyes, and perhaps even find a better solution.

3. Define your Priorities with More Clarity  

Another clear example of self-love positively impacting your career is through better prioritisation skills. If you’re buried in work with multiple projects, it can be hard to complete things in a timely manner. By giving yourself a little bit of self-love, whether that’s listening to music, or going out to dinner, you’re actively making time to prioritise things that make you feel better.

You’re then able to bring those prioritisation techniques to your work, helping you understand the timeliness of projects and complete everything in an order that is most effective.

4. Walk into the Office with Confidence

Whether it’s talking to your boss, striking up a conversation with people at the lunch table or presenting to a client, not feeling confident can affect your career. It turns out getting active does more than just make you look good; it makes you feel good, too. 

The goals you achieve in the gym can actually make you feel more confident in the rest of your daily life. Setting goals with your Personal Trainer, building relationships with Coaches and fellow gym mates can help build that confidence you seek.