7 Ways to Spend Your Weekends This Circuit Breaker

While we’re all doing our part to stay at home, you may be craving some sense of normalcy and separation from work on the weekends. Discover seven easy ways you can treat your weekends as weekends during this circuit breaker.

1. Plan a Games Night

Boardgames are a great way to have a laugh and take a break from screen time. Plan a games night with your housemates, play online games via a video call, or get on your smartphone or gaming devices together. There’s your Saturday night, sorted.

2. Enjoy a Café-Quality Brunch

Who says Sunday brunch is a no-go? You can enjoy your smashed avocado in the comfort of your home. Whip up a storm in the kitchen and have a crack at your brunch favourites. If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony or courtyard, set yourself up outside for a bit of fresh air.

Plenty of cafes are also doing home deliveries, so you can always suss out what your favourite brunch spot is doing – and support them during this tough time.

3. Get Dressed Up

If you’re getting tired of the sloppy trackies, hoodies or activewear at home, you’d be surprised how good getting dressed up can make you feel. This is also great for the couples out there – dress up and have a candle-lit dinner for a date night at home.

4. Video Call Your Mates

Right now, normal face-to-face contact and time with family and friends is off the tables. But thankfully, technology makes it much easier to stay connected. Coordinate a group call with your best buddies to either share a meal, glass of wine or even watch a movie together[RM2] .

5. Try Something New

If you’re feeling up to it, now could be a great opportunity to try something new. It could be as simple (and delicious) as learning to bake, playing an instrument, or drawing. There are plenty of free online tutorials out there that can help you get the foundations of a new skill. Remember, this is a tough time for everyone, so you shouldn’t feel pressured to overperform. The key is finding something that interests you and feels good!

6. Order In

It’s no secret that Melbourne and Sydney are known for our love of eating out. While dining in a restaurant is off the cards for now, there are plenty of restaurants out there that are still doing takeaway or home delivery. If you have the means, supporting restaurants during this time could make all the difference in the world to them. Plus, it brings that restaurant experience home to you!

7. Do Something You Love

If there was ever a time for self-care, it’s now. Do something you love, whether it’s online workouts, putting on a face mask and having a bath, getting creative or reading a book. Finding a sense of joy in what you’re doing at home can help transform your weekends into something truly fulfilling.

To learn more tips to take care of yourself and stay connected, check out our Coach blog now.

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