How To Make Exercise Feel Like Fun and Not a Chore

Whether it’s early morning, after work or late at night, making exercise happen in your life can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task – we’ve all been there. 

Exercise can feel like a chore for anyone, no matter your fitness level! But there are ways to turn this around.

Here’s a few tips to make exercise more enjoyable, and something you actually look forward to doing. 

Why Does Exercise Sometimes Feel Like a Chore?

For most people, exercise is a means to an end i.e. the method for reaching your goal. Whether that’s weight loss, building strength, preparing for a bodybuilding competition or anything in between, the end result is often what’s on our mind.

As a result, the pathway to get there can sometimes feel tedious. We’re all thinking, “Ok, can my body hurry up?” When we’re thinking about a long-term goal, it’s quite easy to lose sight of what’s happening right now. This can turn exercise into a chore that we dread on a daily or weekly basis. That’s why turning exercise into something fun is essential for whatever fitness journey you might be on. 


How to Make Exercise Fun Again

1. Give Yourself a Reward

One of the best ways to turn exercise from nay to yay is by giving yourself a reward and a target to aim for. Whether it’s cutting down your time on a run or trying to bump your reps and weights at the gym, having something at the finish line can really help motivate you. 

This might be taking yourself out for something to eat, or saving a few dollars each workout in a piggy bank to use towards something you really want, or going to a movie. Rewarding yourself can not only motivate you for one workout but more to come. 

2. Make Sure You’ve Got some Audio or Visual Entertainment 

To add some fun to your workout, it can be crucial to have some great tunes pumping into your headphones. In fact, playing some upbeat tracks is scientifically proven to release dopamine and opioids into your system, with these feel-good and pain-relieving chemicals giving you more energy to workout. 

If music isn’t your jam, then it’s pretty easy these days to watch your favourite tv shows or movies and you’ll finished your workout in no time. 

3. Team up

One way of taking the chore out of your workouts and physical activities is do it with someone or challenge each other. Grab a family member to workout together or challenge a friend virtually.

Workout classes are a great way to make your workout fun too! Our instructors in Singapore and across the globe have put together a wide array for every fitness need. Blending feel-good movement and well-crafted programming, we have classes such as boxing, yoga, Pilates, Grid (Hiit) and meditation for you to try on MyLocker