Stay in shape while travelling

by Aidan D'Arcy on Saturday 20 January 2018

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I used to gain 5kg every time I travelled. I would eat all the food, lose sight of moderation, and almost forget I was even a personal trainer.  

I used to dread travelling for fear of having no control of what I ate. But staying in shape whilst travelling really isn't that hard - I just had the wrong mind-set. It was my relationship with food that was the problem, not my holiday. 

Whether you're away for business, or pleasure, chances are you already know where you're going before you step on the plane or get in the car.

There's a clue right there.  

You can plan ahead.  

Never before have we had access to so much information. There’s healthy food options, training plans and information on holiday destinations right at your fingertips. Staying in shape when travelling is easier than ever!

So here are a few tips to help you on your journey:

1. Locate the closest supermarket to where you're staying. It's better to do this before you go so you save time and energy once you arrive. You'll have access to fresh fruit and veg, plus ingredients to make your own healthy snacks!  Best of all, if it's within walking distance, you're burning calories already!  

2. Choose accommodation with access to a kitchenette. I've travelled many times where I've cooked my own food in my hotel room. It CAN be done. But a kitchen gives you access to a refrigerator, stove, and microwave, where you can heat up or cook healthy meals.  Plus you'll have space to store all the local ingredients you bought from the supermarket around the corner! 

3. Stay active. I'm all for relaxing by the pool, but why not go exploring? Walk locally where you just might discover a local secret. If you're travelling for work and stuck in boardrooms all day, make use of the hotel gym or take a walk after dinner!  You'll feel more refreshed the next day improving productivity.

4. Drink water. This helps to keep you hydrated!  Obvious right? Maybe so, but if you're flying to your destination, you'd be surprised how easy it can leave you parched! Drinking water will keep you feeling better, more energetic, and more inclined to stay active. 

5. Share your dessert. Turn that frown upside down. Sharing is caring! I'm all for enjoying dessert, but too much of those calorie bombs and you'll receive a one way ticket to Bulksville - final stop, Mt. Bum Cheeks.  Of course you can enjoy the local traditions, but sharing it with your partner means you can enjoy the great taste, cutting calories in half! 

6. Prepare your own snacks. Nobody likes you when you're hangry.  Be prepared for a day trip by taking your own snacks. It's very easy to eat out or buy snacks wherever you go, but it's just as easy putting on weight isn't it?  

7. Ask yourself ‘where's my protein coming from’? Eating a meal high in protein at a restaurant or even buying some chicken breast from your local supermarket will help your body maintain lean muscle mass AND keep you satisfied to reduce those cravings for common high-carb and fatty foods. 

8. Skip the buffet breakfast. My god those things are dangerous. I once consumed 2000 calories at breakfast. Yep, almost my daily intake. Seriously, it's that easy to rack up the calories in a buffet style breakfast.  Be careful! When possible, ensure your first meal of the day has a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats.  

If you enjoy everything in moderation (whilst ticking the boxes above) you'll easily stay in shape on your next holiday. 

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