Beyond the Burn: Rethinking Wellness in Singapore's Fast Lane

by Virgin Active on Sunday 07 July 2024

4 min read

Singapore's energy is infectious. It pushes us to excel in every aspect of life, and that often includes our fitness routines. Gyms here are fantastic at helping us push our physical limits, but at Virgin Active, we believe there's more to the wellness story. We're passionate about empowering people in Singapore embrace a holistic approach to health, one that goes beyond just "burning calories" and "getting fitter." 

Here's the truth: while a good sweat session is undeniably rewarding, true wellness requires nurturing not just your body, but also your mind and spirit. That's where rest, relaxation, and sleep come in – the often-overlooked heroes of a healthy lifestyle. They fuel recovery, sharpen your focus, and enhance your overall well-being. 

So, how do we differ from the traditional gym experience? Aside from our amazing line-up of group exercise classes, top-of-the-range gym floor equipment, personalised training programs, here's how we help you achieve a well-rounded approach to wellness: 

Recharge and Refocus: We understand that pushing yourself hard takes its toll. That's why we have dedicated relaxation facilities and experiences. Think conducive setting, calming music, and a tranquil atmosphere – your post-workout sanctuary to unwind and mentally recharge. 

Mind-Body Balance: It's not just about the physical here. We offer a variety of mind-body classes such as Sound Bath and Yoga Calm. These classes help reduce stress, promote inner peace, and nurture your mental well-being – an essential component of overall health. 

Prioritising Sleep Hygiene: We get it – sleep can be a luxury in Singapore's fast-paced environment. But a good night's rest is crucial for recovery and optimal performance. That's why we offer spaces for you to rest and even steal a snooze when you need it!  

We believe in creating a sustainable and balanced approach to wellness. It's not just about pushing yourself harder in the gym, but about prioritising all aspects of your health. With dedicated spaces, a variety of classes, and helpful resources, we empower you to achieve a state of well-being that goes beyond the physical. 

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