Why I Work Out


I used to have an unhealthy lifestyle and the working hours of a bartender and bar consultant just didn’t help. Hanging out and partying after work till 6am topped with regular dose of suppers left me gaining a whopping 12kg in just 3 months!

I won’t say I am the exercise type, so it’s not a surprise that the main draw for me to sign up as a member at Virgin Active was, the exciting (at least to me), Himalyan Salt Inhalation room and sleeping pods! 

Before the club opened its doors, Virgin Active conducted many outdoor classes and activities for members . And since I signed up for a fitness club membership, I thought I should at least try out some of the classes. I am glad I went as I was fortunate enough to have met other members like myself - Mary and Ai Ling. Both of them were really friendly and their constant support and encouragement made me motivated.

With their encouragement, I started to attend Zuu, a 30-45 high intensity workout comprising of primal movements which sets my heart palpitating before and after each session. After 3 months, once a week, I got a lot stronger and faster. Best part? I lost 15kgs!

With like-minded company and discipline, I ditched my bad eating habits and starting eating clean. I dropped from 32% body fat in January 2014 to 19% body fat by November 2014.

I no longer wake up feeling tired, I do not get food coma after lunch, I look forward to coming to the gym and I have boundless energy in me! I’ve never been happier since I joined Virgin Active and I wouldn’t trade it for any other gym.

Caryn Cheah
F&B Manager at Zouk Singapore
Joined Virgin Active Fitness Clubs in 2013

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