How We’re Keeping You Safe

We are here to say welcome back. We’ve missed you in our clubs, and we can’t wait to once again bring you our world class exercise experiences. During this closure we’ve worked hard to make sure all our clubs are fit to operate in accordance with Government guidelines, and we continue to implement extra measures so that our people and our members feel safe, comfortable and protected. The health and safety of our community has always been our highest priority. We love to get the big things and the little things right, and you’ll find below the details of what we are currently doing to keep you safe. Please note that as this situation changes, we’ll be adapting too, so make sure you check back in here for all the latest updates.

Our Clubs

  1. Markings to ensure safe training spaces with physical distancing. You’ll now find floor markers located around the club to help you train at a safe distance. We ask that when using our clubs you follow the markers and maintain a 1.5m distance from your fellow members.
  2. Bookable classes reduced in size and no sharing of equipment. To ensure every studio has at least 4sqm per person we have reduced the number of participants in our group exercise classes. Our Coaches have also worked hard to put together classes that don’t involve any equipment sharing.
  3. Equipment and machines laid out at least 1.5m apart. You might notice that we’ve rearranged some of the equipment in our clubs. This is to make sure we’ve all got the space we need while working out. Chat to our friendly team if you’re tryingto locate your favourite piece of kit.
  4. Saunas, Club-V and Learn to Swim will remain closed. At this current time we’ll be keeping our Saunas, Club-V and Learn to Swim areas closed. At this stage we don’t know when we’ll be re-opening these but we’ll update you as soon as we do.
  5. High touch features out of action. Some of our high touch features and areas like cold-scented towels and internet stations will remain out of action for a little while.
  6. Air conditioning units set to circulate 50% more fresh air than required. We’ve made sure all air conditioning units in our clubs are set to circulate 50% more fresh air than required by the Government.
  7. Chlorinated pools checked 5 times per day. Our chlorinated pool systems are hygiene checked 5 times per day to make sure they stay sparkling clean.
  8. Limits on number of people in our clubs. Following Government guidelines, we’ll need to limit the capacity of our clubs to X number of people per sqm.

Our Cleaning Protocol

  1. Touchless hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes available for members and staff. You’ll find hand sanitation stations in fixed locations throughout the club, as well as antibacterial wipes for wiping down equipment before and after use.
  2. Group exercise studios and equipment cleaned after every class. You may notice that we’ve made some adjustments to our timetable, this is to allow extra time for our team to disinfect equipment and surfaces in our studios between classes.
  3. Increased cleaning throughout the day and a deep clean of the entire club overnight. We’ve always done this, but now more than ever we’re spending extra time and deploying team members to make sure our clubs are at their best.
  4. Cleaning high-touch surfaces every 3 hours. Every 3 hours our teams will be paying special attention to cleaning high touch items such as weights, handles and knobs.

Our Members

  1. Temperature check on arrival. Before you enter the club, we’ll be doing a temperaturecheck to make sure you’re well and ready to workout.
  2. Contactless check-in. We’ve set up a self-scan station for your check-in, and we ask that youplease self-scan on your way through. We’ll still be there to say hello.
  3. Contact tracing. We’d love you to double check your contact details are correct before you workout with us again. This is to make sure that if required, we’re able to follow the Government recommended contact tracing steps.You can update your details via mylocker.
  4. Towels are mandatory, and so is wiping equipment after use. We have always had a no towel no train policy, and we’ll be enforcing that more now. We also ask that you please use the disinfectant spray and wipe to clean the machines and equipment after you’re finished.
  5. We must practice social distancing. Luckily our clubs are large enough to make this one easy. You’ll also find markers on the floor to help you keep your distance.

Our People

  1. Pre-shift health check. We’ll be doing a temperature check on all our staff before they enterthe club to make sure they’re also well and ready to help you enjoy your workout.
  2. Extra team members scheduled to clean throughout the day. We’re putting extra manpower in to keeping our clubs clean. You’ll find our teams scrubbing and wiping multipletimes throughout the day.
  3. Our teams will be social distancing. Yep, everyone in our clubs will be keeping their distanceand our people are no exception.
  4. Hands off coaching. Our Coaches will still get you working up a sweat from a safe distance.This might mean no more high fives, but we know they’re still proud of your efforts.

This list is by no means final. We are will continue to evolve and fine tune our approach to ensure we maintain a clean and safe environment for our people and our members. If you have anyquestions or just want to chat, our team are always here to help you out.