Roz Norman

Pilates Reformer Rockstar


What makes you happy? 

My husband and my kids! Well… most of the time. And for those times that they don’t, doing exercise of course or having a delicious cocktail or two - that always hits the spot!

In your own words, what makes a rockstar instructor in Virgin Active?

A rockstar to me is someone who lives and breathes their craft, has put blood, sweat and tears into their training to be the best that they can be and has the passion to help others achieve the same.

What was your inspiration to become a group exercise instructor?

I have had a love of teaching since I joined my first gym at the age of 14. I began teaching aerobics (it used to be called that in the 90's) at the age of 16 at my high school to students and teachers and also at my local gym. Some 20+ years later and after barrelling through many roles in the fitness and pilates industry, I have come back to where I started: teaching people the basics and fundamentals of functional movement.

How long have you been an instructor for?

27 years.

What are your favourite classes to teach?

I would be hard-pressed to identify any one particular class actually. But if you were to ask me what are my favourite moments: it would be when I see members progressing and being pleased with themselves. That makes me feel validated as an instructor.


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