Joe Webb

Cycle Rockstar

What makes you happy?

My wife, my life, and my dogs.

In your own words, what makes a rockstar instructor in Virgin Active?

The term “rockstar” is just a word and can be used on just about anybody. I think we are all rockstars in our own way. It could be the person sitting next to you on the train – she may be the star goal shooter in her league’s netball team. It could be the guy in your class that doesn't talk much, you just don’t know that he’s Singapore’s top e-sports player. Everybody has it in them somewhere, it’s just about finding something you love and pursuing it.

What was your inspiration to become a group exercise instructor?

Prior to me becoming a group exercise instructor, I was working on oil rigs all over the world and after a while I decided to take some time off from it to plant my life on solid ground for once. During this period of time, my girlfriend then (and I’m pleased to announce became my wife on Valentine’s Day in 2018 woohoo!) encouraged me to give group exercises a go. She knew I needed something to push me out of my comfort zone and I’ve not looked back ever since.

How long have you been an instructor for?

2 years.

What are your favourite classes to teach?

I love MMA, so it’s a tad hard to determine exactly which class I like to teach the most, but I will have to say that what I find the most rewarding are the classes which are attended by those who are new to the programme as well as those who have been at it for some time now. I love it when I see our seasoned members offer to help newcomers with their technique or to give them some advice on how they should be holding the kick shields and focus mitts. That sense of camaraderie and the glow from their happy (albeit exhausted) faces are always the highlights of my day.

Amongst the Cycle programmes, my favourite class to teach is definitely Flight Elite. It’s the perfect combination of fantastic music with a great beat with real time data tracking. Music and Data make for a happy Joe.

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