The secret to exercise isn't about being consistently great;
it's about being great consistently.

So, here’s the thing: 

We’ve had it with fanciful diets and workout fads that really don’t do much for our bodies, or uncertified trainers who have no understanding of how a body moves and works. We’re done with being locked into long-term contracts and paying exorbitant bills and charges that no one can explain what they pay for. And we certainly don’t want to hear the fitness industry say to us again, “Do it all”.  

Instead, we say “Do Enough”. Enough is a powerful thing, and at Virgin Active, enough is how we think about exercise. Enough to achieve what you want to achieve. Enough for you to enjoy it, not resent it. 

Enough to know that all the cardio you need is your daily commute to and from the office, or perhaps it’s those weekly 5km jogs on Sunday mornings. Enough to recognise that you’re strong enough to run both an office and a home, or that you’ve the endurance to go for 12 bouts in the fighting ring. Either way, we’re comfortable with it. Because when you think about it: Doing enough is all relative. What’s enough for one person will be different for another. 

We have been known for doing things differently, and we're here to make exercise irresistible to you, and for you. Tell us where you want to be, and we'll help you get there. Because when you find your enough, the effect will last a lifetime.