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Spaces to unwind and recharge

Explore our range of recovery and relaxation spaces where you can unwind and recharge.

Salt inhalation room: Cleanse your respiratory tract as you destress in this Himalayan salt-heated, temperature-controlled relaxation room. Get comfy on a day bed while you detox and unwind.

Experiential showers: Paradise awaits with the perfect ending to a hard workout. Try four shower experiences offering different levels of warmth, colour, intensity and aromatherapy using essential oils. Cool off with tropical rain and cold mist showers with essential oils infused to give you an added sensory experience, perfect for winding down after a good workout. 

Sleep pods: Get away from the noise and cocoon yourself in our zero-gravity technology. Sleep pods recline for optimum napping, promote blood flow and reduce pressure on the lower back. Ambient sounds help you to drift off, while subtle vibrations bring you oh-so-gently back to reality. 

Cafés and lounges: Cool down after a class, get a few extra minutes of work in or hangout with your friends. Our café and lounge areas are the perfect spot to relax and rehydrate. 

Pampering treats: Members enjoy a monthly line-up of complimentary treats from hand-picked partners, such as pedicures, manicures, facials and massages.

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