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Yuen Loong #WhyIWorkout

As I began my career as an accountant, I had to look for an outlet to stay active and counter the sedentary lifestyle. Virgin Active caught my eye with its multitude of group exercise programs and the whole ambience of the club was just infectiously motivating. Did I mention the gym’s only a stone’s throw from where I work!

It was at Virgin Active where I had my first taste of AntiGravity Yoga. People often associate the practice of Yoga moves with femininity or don’t see its benefits, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Practising AntiGravity Yoga has improved my flexibility, my state of mind, and made me an overall, better athlete.

Everything was going well until I fractured my hand in December 2015. I was devastated – it took away my ability to perform regular daily activities, let alone exercising. I fell to an all-time low and turned to food for comfort. Needless to say, I gained a massive amount of weight and lost my strength and motivation.

Fortunately, I received tremendous support from the staff and fellow members of Virgin Active. They saw me through the tough times and showered me with endless encouragement. The Fitness Professionals even gave me advice on my diet and designed workout routines for me to regain my fitness while I nursed my arm. With the help from the Virgin Active family, I was able to bounce back from the injury and got back on my feet.

Now, I’m fitter and more active than I’ve ever been. I was able to pick up where I left off, back to doing regular MMA, Yoga classes and obstacle courses. I even got certified to teach AntiGravity Yoga last April.

I’m thankful for all the friendship and support I got from Virgin Active through the years. I love the people, the culture, and the club feels like home.

Yuen Loong. Joined Virgin Active in 2013.

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