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Sinha #WhyIWorkout

In early 2014, I had a shocking realisation of how terrible my body looked after seeing photos of my shirtless self at a pool party. I was horrified at the sight of my wobbly belly and skinny arms. To make things worse, that made its way onto social media and you know how that story unfolds.

It was then when I began searching for a gym that could help me improve my physique and fitness. I was introduced to Virgin Active through a friend, and I’ll never forget the first time I walked into the club at Raffles Place - it was love at first sight! I was mesmerised by the layout, the collection of fitness equipment, the glam and the vibe of the people in the club. Right then I knew, this is where I wanted to be. So, I signed up and set myself a 6-month goal, to become fitter, stronger while shedding my body fat for good.

6 months into my journey, I became more energetic than I’ve ever been and people frequently commented on how much younger I looked. It was so rewarding! I was also more productive and confident at work. In fact, I often leave the gym with more energy than before I start my training!

I’ve been so driven in my training and consistent in my diet, people often jokingly call my regimen “Sinsanity”, a term that I’ve learned to embrace. To me, “Sinsanity” is the passion and drive I use to achieve my goals, in fitness and in every walk of life. Each day I come to Virgin Active to train “sinsane”. 

Having witnessed my progress, my colleagues (a whopping 10 of them) have decided to join Virgin Active to start on their own journey of healthier living; it’s always a fantastic bonding experience when we train together and support each other.

I dare say that no other commercial gym offered what Virgin Active did in terms of aptitude of staff and the variety of training methods kept me going without getting bored.

I started my fitness journey weighing in at a very soft 80kg and with more than 20% body fat. By 2016, I weighed 71kg with a body fat percentage of 9%. It’s been a wonderful experience since joining Virgin Active, and I look forward to be able to train for the rest of my life.

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