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Serene Lim #WhyIWorkout

Serene suffered from degeneration of meniscus of the knee and was dependent on knee guards. Her training at Virgin Active changed all that after undergoing rehabilitation-focused personal training.

I used to run 3 to 4 times a week and attended Zumba classes regularly, however, I began to notice that my left knee was getting stiffer gradually. The doctor concluded my knee was seeing a degeneration of miniscus and I was ordered to stop all exercises for 3 months. That meant I can't do any of my all-time favourite Zumba class. How terrible!  

I was unable to bend my left leg and ended up doing one-legged squats all the time. My knee healed slightly but I started to depend heavily on knee guards.  

Drawn to the cleanliness and layout of the gym, I knew Virgin Active was made for me. I soon discovered classes like GRID, Zuu and Ankorr and decided to try them out. They were exciting and fun enough for me to stop going to Zumba!  

I also decided to sign up for personal training sessions as I really wanted my injured knee to be healed and I also wanted to get some weight off me. My Personal Trainer, Khid, specialises in rehabilitation and with just 4 months of training with him, I was off my knee guard!  

I am now happily working out 4 times a week, enjoying my personal training sessions, the array of classes the club has to offer and feel completely free to live the life I treasure without knee guards.  

Serene Lim, Vice President at a Trust and Corporate Services Provider. Joined Virgin Active in 2013.

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