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Samudra Sen #WhyIWorkout

Samudra relied on the notion of losing weight purely through running and jogging. Find out how he got his confidence back and found love in weight lifting and resistance training after joining Virgin Active. 

Prior to joining Virgin Active Raffles Place, I was mostly doing running and jogging on my own.  
I was obese back then and desperately felt the need to get back into shape. I started looking for a gym that was near my workplace. Out of the few I checked out, it was definitely love at first sight with Virgin Active. The bold, vibrant environment captivated me. It gave me a positive vibe. I was also completely sold by the idea of complimentary gym attire. I sometimes work out twice a day so the convenience of having clean sets of attire really benefitted me.
After joining Virgin Active, I discovered that resistance training could aid fat loss faster and more efficiently than plain cardio. I started resistance workouts and fell in love with weight lifting. The personal trainers at Virgin Active are very friendly and helpful. With their training advice and tips, it was in no time that I had begun to see results.  
I live by this quote, “a year from now you would wish you had started today.” I’m glad I took the step a year ago to sign up at Virgin Active. I have witnessed many changes in my life since then. I feel more confident, energized throughout the day and less stressed. I was also able to focus better at work. Exercising on a regular basis had significant impact on my moods. I am a much happier person now than I was before. I also love looking at myself in the mirror now!
Working out has become my passion and almost like an addiction. I feel uneasy if I missed out on a day’s worth of exercise. 

Samudra Sen, Analyst at an Investment Bank. Joined Virgin Active in 2015. 

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