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I joined Virgin Active, and my first-ever physique contest

I joined Virgin Active Raffles Places a year ago through a friend’s recommendation. The thing that impressed me the most was the high-spirited atmosphere in the gym. Everybody in the club, be it trainers, managers or fellow members are always full of energy. Though I don’t participate in group exercises, seeing other members working hard in the classes in the Grid Zone never fails to motivate me to work hard in my own training.


I managed to pick up some Olympic Lifting skills from PT Muhammad Ali soon after I joined. The few months with Ali made a huge difference in my explosive strength, and my squats shot up from an unimpressive 80 kg to 140 kg in a short period of time.


When I made my decision last November to go for my first physique contest, I approached fellow physique competitors, Danial and Yazid for guidance and they did not hesitate to help. They guided me through every step of the preparation, from helping me with my workouts and posing routine to managing my diet, and got my body fat down from 12% to 4% in 3 months. They even helped me with my tanning before the competition, and came down to the show and cheered me on!


Everyone showed great compassion throughout the journey, and supported and motivated me throughout the preparation, and I’m really thankful for every single one of them.

I cannot thank the Virgin Active staff enough for all the support they have given me in the pursuit of my passion. I wouldn’t have placed so high in the competition if not for the PTs’ guidance and advance throughout my preparation. For that, I’m very grateful.

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