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Nelson Wong #WhyIWorkout

Thank you Virgin Active, for always pushing me to be better and making exercising fun again! 

I visited Virgin Active Raffles Place and wasted no time signing up as a member. I remember being most fond of its functional training area and the different classes like ZUU and Les Mills GRIT and BodyPump, and impressed by the Relax and Recovery facilities found in the Raffles Place club.

Before joining the club, I was a competitive runner who struggled with plateaus and nagging injuries accumulated from many years of running, and my performance in races had been stagnant for the longest time. However, thanks to HIIT classes like Les Mills GRIT, Zuu and Ankorr, I was able to improve my anaerobic threshold and elevated my fitness level significantly. Now, I’m able to run faster and longer without getting fatigue as easily. 

2016 was the year I made huge leaps in terms of fitness and becoming a more well-round athlete. I participated in the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay along with other Virgin Active members, and Reebok Spartan Race and achieved good timings in all the events. I even got myself certified as a Les Mills Grit Strength Instructor to spread my love for the class, and as a form of giving back to the club.

Though the facilities were the reason I committed to Virgin Active in the beginning, the people in the club have now become my main source of motivation when it comes to going to the gym and work out! Everyone from the staff, trainers and members never fails to make me feel right at home, be it for my own workouts or teaching a group class.

I truly believe that I wouldn’t have become the athlete I’m today if not for Virgin Active. Thank you Virgin Active, for always pushing me to be better and making exercising fun again!

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