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JS and Steph #WhyWeWorkout

Most of us have seen Jun Sheng (JS) and Stephanie (Steph) in Virgin Active clubs and classes. We know they're really friendly and make friends in the club. Did you know that they've gotten fitter and closer together as a couple since joining Virgin Active? 

Jun Sheng

I used to visit a gym solely for the purpose of working out, but everything changed once I joined Virgin Active. Now, I go the gym because I want to feel the lively energy of the club, experience the uplifting spirit of group exercises and see all my fellow members-turned-friends. Looking back, it seems like I’ve been making at least one new friend in the gym every month! 

I used to be a competitive athlete back in my school days. But as I left school and started working, I found myself having a hard time maintaining the discipline to stay fit. Things turned around when I became a member at Virgin Active – the club motivates me work out not only because I have to, but because I was able to find enjoyment in exercising again.

I tore my knee ligament a few years back and had to stop exercising for a while. ZUU, one of the classes that I love, helped me gain back my mobility and leg strength gradually while I was going through recovery. The Fitness Professionals have also taught me many efficient ways to stretch, enabling a better recovery and injury prevention. I was able to advance to more complex movements like weighted squats and deadlifts and now I’m fully recovered and able to do marathons and dynamic workouts like the Les Mills Grit Strength.

As I’m now surrounded with like-minded friends every time I’m in the gym, I feel very at home and I am more motivated than ever to attend classes and work out.

Events like Virgin Active Challenge, 4K Challenge, Bloomberg Square Mile that Virgin Active organised/co-sponsors convinced me that Virgin Active treasures the experience members have with the club in and outside of the gym floor. I believe that the club understands that premium gym shouldn’t just be about having luxurious facilities like the sleep pods and salt rooms, but every member has to feel like their part of a family, and that everybody’s journey matters.

My wife (then girlfriend) was the one who spurred me to join a premium gym, i.e. Virgin Active, thinking that it would be a bond us even closer when we stay fit as a couple. It is really worth investing in a membership with a club that has well-maintained facilities, like-minded people, that contributes greatly to not only my health and fitness, and enriches my life in general. See you guys at the gym!


This club has changed me from someone who has little to no interest and knowledge about exercising, to someone who can’t wait to visit the gym every day.

I initially signed up with Virgin Active solely because I was looking for ways to get more physically involved after seeing a few red numbers on my health report. I also persuaded my then-boyfriend and now-husband to sign up together, so we could begin our health and fitness journey as a couple.

As a new member, I was shy, had little clue as to what I could do, but the trainers were always genuinely happy to help me, without hard selling their packages – which was exactly why I was comfortable in appointing my first (and only) personal trainer.

I was able to build a strong foundation during my first year, learning the fundamentals of strength and conditioning from my PT. That along with classes like GRIT, ZUU and BodyPump got me in shape for my wedding and granted me the body to walk down the aisle with confidence.

My second year was filled with many fitness breakthroughs. Thanks to all the training in the gym and outdoor running sessions with my fellow gymmies, I was able to complete 2 Tough Mudder races and 1 full marathon.

I will always treasure the friends I’ve made in the club. They are always there to celebrate my fitness milestones, but they will also encourage me when I’m feeling low because I didn’t achieve the pull-up count I wanted.

I’m excited about the new clubs that are opening soon, because I’ll have even more choices for workouts and more ways to learn and grow!

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