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Engage your body by enlightening your mind - Joshua.

Four years ago, sporadic gout attacks and blood pressure issues were hindering my daily activities. Determined to change my life, I paid Virgin Active a visit. Like a kid shopping in a candy store I was fascinated with the unique facilities like the Queenax Functional Training zone, and sleep pods!

Like many members, I began experimenting with different kinds of group exercise programs available in the club. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) classes like the Grit Cardio and Thirty HIIT (now known as The Grid series at Virgin Active) were challenging, but also lots of fun. To top it all off, it made me feel pathetic and weak. I could barely achieve a single proper push-up!

As much as I struggled in the classes initially, they eventually sparked my curiosity about how far your body can go. I became increasingly obsessed with the science behind training and how one’s ability to lift two or three times their weight was something I HAD to know. The geek in me began to pick up educational books on body recomposition and principles of strength training.

The better I got, the more I wanted to improve. That’s when I decided to sign up for personal training and met Khid, who was always eager to answer all my burning questions about fitness. We often spent time during my sessions to touch on the educational aspects of fitness - which was the most crucial part of training for me. I’m glad to have spent three years worth of strategic and sadistic workouts with him!

I’ve come a long way since my first day in the gym; today, my goals may have changed, but my attitude hasn’t. I now have more energy and better clarity of mind to cope with everyday life. You wouldn’t have imagined that the guy who was once shaped like a mango is now able to accomplish ten muscle ups. Exercising has made me a healthier and happier person, and I leave the gym every day feeling a great sense of achievement.

Joshua Fuentes

Joined Virgin Active Fitness Clubs in 2013

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