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Jimmy had problems with his knees resulting in 3 surgeries and a slipped disk. After training at Virgin Active, his is no longer restricted by his old injuries and is even able to compete in Tough Mudder.

“I’m a huge fan of working out and regular exercise is nothing new to me. Virgin Active Fitness Club, Raffles Place is a well-equipped club with a pleasant environment and it’s close to where I work. It was an obvious choice when I joined in 2015.

I’ve had problems with my knees resulting in 3 surgeries and a slipped disk but I’ve tried to not let my injuries hinder my exercise regime. To help improve my program I decided to work with Jeff – a personal trainer at Virgin Active Fitness Clubs and I’ve never looked back.

After almost a year of training with Jeff we have established a strong bond, we are heading to Brisbane together this year to compete in Tough Mudder. I’m very fortunate to have met Jeff and to have him as my Personal Trainer, he’s constantly helped push me beyond my limits and every 45-minute session with him is ‘no-nonsense’ training.

My sessions with Jeff often include correction of my posture and form which is incredibly crucial for my since I have a slipped disk. He helps me achieve constant progress, the right way.

I’m a strong believer that exercise is ‘all in ones mind’, I try to use willpower to constantly break boundaries and I’ve seen great results since I started Personal Training. Previously, I couldn’t even do one proper pull-up. I remember Jeff once suggested I do 4 sets of 15 pull-ups… I looked at him and said “60 pull-ups? Why not round it up to 100 instead? We did it in the end.”

Since joining Virgin Active Fitness Club I’ve significantly improved my strength, body conditioning and corrected my posture, to top it off I now have a trimmer and more defined body.”

Jimmy Pang
Regional Talent Development Director
Joined Virgin Active Fitness Clubs in 2015 

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