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Elizabeth #WhyIWorkout

One of the best decisions I've ever made. 

I had always been pretty lazy when it came to exercising. The only thing that was keeping me in shape was my weekend touch rugby sessions every Saturday. As I started working, I began to experience the effect from all the irregular meals, late nights in the office and long hours of sitting down. I tried many different ways in hopes to shed a few kilos, like taking slimming tea and skipping meals, but nothing seemed to work.

Then, about a year ago, my friends began looking for a gym to exercise together and I decided tagged along. We decided to give Virgin Active Raffles Places a go and booked a tour because it was in close proximity to our office. I still remembered being were blown away with the idea of having sleeping pods and a Himalayan salt room in a GYM. We also tried out many classes like Zumba Step and RPM during our trial and fell in love with them.

I’m a big fan of classes like Sprint, Grit, BodyPump and Pilates, and I definitely attribute my success in my last competition season to them. I was able to perform better on the field and recover much faster between games! It’s so rewarding hear my teammates talking about my time in the gym paying off, but that only motivates me to work even harder!

I make a conscious effort to hit the gym every morning before work because I realized it’s an awesome way to start my day right. It also served as a good outlet for me to de-stress. The best thing about joining a gym right next to my office, is I’m able to squeeze in a power nap in the Himalayan salt room during lunch, to feel rejuvenated and refreshed to continue the rest of the day at work.

Looking back, signing up for Virgin Active was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2016. I’ve made so much improvements in my health and fitness, and I’m very thankful for all the friends I’ve made in the club. Though there may have been days where I feel like skipping gym, the thought of the awesome feeling I get after a workout never fails to get me pumped up!

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