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Cheryl Anne #WhyIWorkout

It's never too late to start afresh. Find out how Cheryl rebooted her lifestyle and achieved mental health and physical well-being after joining as a member at Virgin Active Raffles Place.

Back in 2012, the only exercise I did was Yoga. I could never picture myself going to the gym on my own because I cared too much about what people thought of me. I was afraid of being judged for lifting weights. "Heavy-duty” equipment wasn’t made for females. Ultimately, I had low self-esteem, confidence and always gave up even before trying because I couldn’t bear to embarrass myself.
Sick and tired of binge drinking and “losing myself” for a good 3 months, I felt like I needed to make a change; I got out of a 6-years toxic relationship, went on a one-month Yoga retreat in Thailand and proceeded to join Virgin Active with a 3-months personal training package to kickstart my membership. I was bent on fixing myself- in terms of health and wellness.  
My Personal Trainer, Clarence, equipped me with the right knowledge I required for exercising and has been a good listening ear to all my endless whining and troubles. 

All these efforts paid off. I began to notice a built-up in my confidence level and the little fights in my head that constantly tell me, “you can never do that!” slowly dissipated. It doesn’t feel strange coming into the gym every other day because it really feels like a community here.  I now enjoy my regular “me-time” after 7pm on weekdays at the gym going for classes and doing my own workouts.
Virgin Active helped me realise my inner strengths and capabilities. I wouldn’t say it’s all in the mind, because it’s also about putting your heart into it. As I look back, this is a lifestyle I will not regret or let go of; it has brought out a healthier, happier and stronger me.

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