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Angeline #WhyIWorkout

Looking back, I had every reason to quit the gym and stop exercising altogether. My knee was in such bad shape that I had to stop running. Even walking down a flight of stairs took its toll on me.

I got pregnant halfway through my membership, and my C-section delivery forced me to stop working out to allow my body to recuperate. I was dismayed when people around me kept saying that it was near impossible for me to get rid of post-pregnancy weight seeing that it was my 3rd child. I could’ve given up easily, but I’m glad I didn’t! 

It was Jeff, my personal trainer who motivated me to get back to the gym after my delivery. It’s been 13 months since I delivered my girl; I’ve dropped 6kg and I’m the leanest, strongest and fittest I’ve ever been - even prior to my 1st kid! I’ve hit the goals that Jeff has set for me; my knees have miraculously recovered and I’m finally able to run again without any pain. All thanks to Jeff and Virgin Active! 

Anyone with kids know that taking care of them requires a lot of energy, and exercising has really given me more energy to keep up with my 3 girls. Besides working out for the sake of my own health, I want to show my children the importance of balancing work and family while taking good care of their bodies. By the way, I’ve gotten so strong from my training that I’m able to lift all 3 of my girls at once!

I really appreciate what Virgin Active has done for me and how it has made exercising so convenient for its members. Fitness has become such an integral part of my routine that I get "gym itch" when I don't work out in the morning. It’s how I kickstart my mornings and give myself an energy boost to continue with the rest of my day. 

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