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Virgin Active
Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar Centre, 7 Wallich Street, #06-01, Singapore 078884
6908 8920


Guoco Tower Pre Fire Certification Testing and Inspection

To ensure that our fire related installations are constantly in good operational condition, the building will be conducting Pre Fire Certification Testing and Inspection on the following date:

16th November 2019, Saturday
From 1pm to 3pm

Within this time, our lift will be out of service.

We seek your cooperation and understanding on this matter. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Published on Wednesday 13 November 2019

Member Delights

Spoil yourselves with Virgin Active Member’s Delights!

Here are the dates for November:
31/10/2019, 6pm to 9pm - Foot Reflexology
05/11/2019, 6pm to 9pm - Seated Chair Massage
10/11/2019, 12pm to 3pm - Seated Chair Massage
13/11/2019, 6pm to 9pm - Foot Reflexology
16/11/2019, 12pm to 3pm - Foot Reflexology
19/11/2019, 6pm to 9pm - Seated Chair Massage
23/11/2019, 12pm to 3pm - Seated Chair Massage

Bookings are open 15 minutes prior to the session so all you have to do is approach our friendly receptionists to book in your slot before you start!

Published on Friday 1 November 2019

Virgin Active App

Unable to access your Virgin Active App?

Don't panic if you are unable to log in to your Virgin Active Singapore App. We can resolve this quickly - just contact our Admin Team at +65 6911 0318.

Published on Tuesday 8 October 2019

Tanjong Pagar Car Parking

Parking available at Tanjong Pagar Guoco Tower.

Monday to Friday 7am to 4.59pm is $4.00 per 30 minutes for Carpark A
Monday to Friday 7am to 4.59pm is $2.90 per 30 minutes for Carpark B
Monday to Friday 5.00pm to 6.59am is $3.40 per entry

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 7am to 6.59am (the next day)is $2.50 per entry

Published on Monday 13 May 2019

Watt Ride

Come and join us in this 30 minutes small group high intensity bike program. Feel the road under your feet and push yourself harder than ever with the latest technology providing all the data you need to make structured training easy.

Wattbikes measure the progression of your foot 100 times during one single pedal revolution, and the data collected offers unparalleled accuracy to help you reach your fitness goals.
You feel like you are riding a proper road bike. Burn calories, build stamina and get a brilliant cardio workout, whatever the weather.

What's best, you get to measure your performance instantly projecting on the screen reflecting your heart rate profile and your bike cadence efficiency.

Log into our App and join us for a Watt Ride session.

Published on Monday 29 April 2019

Benefits of the Steam Room

Applying heat to your tissues increases your circulation of blood flow and causes your connective tissues to become more flexible. It also promotes a transient reduction in your joint stiffness, pain and muscle spasms. Using the steam room can help you reduce inflammation and congestion in your tissue. Heat therapy is used to treat many health complaints, including arthritis, muscle spasms, muscle sprains and strains.

Published on Monday 29 April 2019

Benefits of the Ice Room

Cold therapy is intended to reduce your metabolic rate, inflammation, circulation, muscle spasms and pain. Cold therapy cools your skin's surface and underlying tissues, which results in the narrowing of your blood vessels. This helps flush out toxins from your system. Enjoy the cold shower and apply the ice to the suffering area.

Published on Monday 29 April 2019

Benefits of Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy is believed to exert a physiological effect on your body's pain gate mechanism, which temporarily alters pain signals traveling to and from your brain. This temporary reduction in pain is a welcome relief for those suffering long-standing complaints of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

Hot and cold therapy also helps clean the skin. The hot environment opens up the skin pours and your body sweats out the nasty toxins. The cold environment tightens up the skin, which closes the skin pours and leaves your looking fresh.

Published on Monday 29 April 2019

Benefits of the Salt Room

Salt crystal, thanks to its chemical composition, is an ideal source of negative ions, generally recognized as a source for creating a sense of well being. Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. They are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments such as near waterfalls, at the beach and our very own Salt Room.

High concentrations of negative ions are essential for high energy and positive mood. The impact of negative ions is powerful. Originally they were found to help asthma patients. Later they were discovered to effect serotonin levels in the bloodstream, stabilize alpha rhythms and to positively affect reactions to sensory stimuli. The attendant greater level of alertness can translate into improved learning, improved well being and enhanced performance of mental tasks.

Published on Monday 29 April 2019

Eat your goals

YOLO is a healthy take-away concept founded on the simple but powerful philosophy of 'tasty food can actually be good for you'. YOLO serve up an array of nutritionally balanced meals, designed by their nutritionist help you #eatyourgoals via different menus such as Shape-Up, Glow, Build and Energise.

Pick up your meal today from our Member Lounge.

Published on Monday 29 April 2019

Benefits of Cycling classes

Our indoor cycling classes are beneficial for your body, not just your heart and glutes. Anybody can enjoy these benefits from cycling in any of our wide variety of classes.

1. Keeps your heart healthy
2. Lowered Stress Levels
3. Increased Muscular Endurance
4. Major Calorie Burn
5. Low Impact on joints

Our cycle instructors will also ensure you enjoy your ride with us!

Published on Monday 29 April 2019

Benefits of Yoga classes

Our mind and body studios are beautiful and they set you in the right mood to begin your Yoga classes. With more than 10 Yoga classes to choose from all our clubs, there is a class for everyone. There's a comprehensive list of benefits of doing Yoga, but here's some:

1. Increased flexibility
2. Improved respiration, energy and vitality
3. Increased muscle strength and tone
4. Protection from injury

We hope to see you in a Yoga class, or two!

Published on Monday 29 April 2019

Shoe Locker Hire

Save your soles – hire a shoe locker and keep your belongings at the club. No more excuses about forgetting your workout shoes at home!

Ask our smiley receptionists for more details and to check their availability (the shoe lockers not our staff).

Published on Monday 29 April 2019

Enjoy a Nespresso

If it's good enough for George Clooney it's good enough for us.

Enjoy a Nespresso in our Member Lounge on your next visit.

Published on Sunday 28 April 2019

Shaking your way into fitness

Power Plate uses vibration technology to enhance any workout.

It is high-efficiency training unlike anything you've ever experienced before, effectively burning fat, enhancing muscle tone, improving balance, increasing strength and improving blood circulation.

With Power Plate classes, you get a complete, full body workout incorporating stretch, balance, core, strength and massage all in 30 minutes.

Using forward thinking technology, supported by the superstars of the planet such as Madonna, this revolutionary training technique delivers harmonic vibration to the body, stimulating a natural reflex.

In this class allow your instructor to guide you through the set up and varied settings to be able to start using Power Plate in your workouts from today!

Get yourself booked in for the next class!

Published on Sunday 28 April 2019

Get a grip... with Toesocks!

Have slippy feet that need a grip when doing Reformer? Or want to hold the Warrior II pose with ease in Yoga? Maybe you want a little added cushioning under your feet in those Barre classes? Either way we got your toes covered as we now offer full toe and half toe socks in all different colours and styles for both men and women that help with all the above. So give your feet some glam, get your toes out and give them a wiggle with Toesocks.

Our amazing Reception team can assist you in choosing the right pair just for you.

Published on Sunday 28 April 2019

Don't Just Say It, Rate It!

We absolutely adore hearing how much you love doing a class with us, but what we’d love even more is for you to rate them after sweating it out.

We’ve just launched the new “Rate A Class” function on MyLocker because we ain’t the kind to rest on our laurels and you deserve nothing but the best. So, if you think the class you just took is a big thumbs up or has cause to be frowned upon, share with us your constructive feedback.

Together, we’re gonna make exercise irresistible!

Published on Sunday 28 April 2019


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