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Strength Classes

Now here’s a challenge. Power Yoga style classes in this strength category are flowing, dynamic and energetic. They will strengthen and tone your whole body, and you’ll probably even break a sweat in these classes.

From Beginner Yoga to our Advanced Classes, each class is a seamless flow of poses, connected by transitional movements. This flow (called vinyasa) links every breath with a movement. Controlled breathing helps you keep pace with the sequence, build heat and develop resilience in strong postures. It also turns a simple yoga class into an amazing moving yoga meditation.

After class, you’ll feel energised and uplifted, ready to take on the day (or week).

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Why are these classes good for me?

Strength, tone & challenge
Improve balance & coordination
Possible cardiovascular improvements
Increased circulation
Develop resilience

What will I do?

Challenging postures
Flow from one pose to the next
Relax at the end of class


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