Booty Barre© Plus

Meet you at the barre!

Join us at the barre in this full body toning class combining pilates, dance, yoga and cardio intervals. Booty Barre™ Plus is guaranteed to tone and define the whole body as you work on the barre with choregraphed moves and music.



Calories Burnt

Up to 450

Skill Level

All fitness levels are welcome

Offered at

Holland Village

What should I bring?

Sweat towel, comfortable workout gear and plenty of water. Our Barre class are taken barefoot, being barefoot forces us to use every muscle in the foot and ankle and challenges our balance. However socks with “grip” on the bottom or ballet slippers are also allowed. Please travel to and from our changing rooms with shoes to protect your precious toes!

Why is it good for me?

Lengthen limbs, improves posture, firms glutes and pirouettes away your problems!

What will I do?

You will arabesque with attitude, plie with poise and dominate your derriere! Discover your inner ballerina! A combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates at the barre, and the use of light weights you will shape and tone your way to a dancer’s body!

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