Reopening Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to wear a mask when I am at the gym?

Yes! It is advised that you always wear your mask unless you are doing strenuous exercise. This includes between exercises or on your way to/from the changerooms. In studios, masks can only be removed once your class starts and shall be put on once the class has finished.

Our team at each club will be there to help guide you each.

What do I need to know about the new guidelines and club experience?

Our clubs are now separated into 2 zones - STUDIO GREY ZONE and GYM FLOOR RED ZONE .  The grey zone represents the STUDIO classes , and the red zone represents the GYM FLOOR workouts . Please refer to and follow the coloured markings at each club during your visit.

I get an error message when I try to book a gym floor work out after a class. Why does this happen?

To minimize contact between groups and as per SportSG requirements, you will need to stay within your zone when you work out, but you can enter and exit the zone at your own convenience. Rest assure that you will still have plenty of space as we only have 2 zones in our clubs: 1 with access to the entire gym floor and another one for the access to all our studios. (This does not apply to our Duo Galleria fitness club which will continue to operate with only one zone.)

How do I book a class or gym floor workout?
To book a workout on the gym floor or pool, simply head to "book a class or workout" in MyLocker and look for "Gym Workout " or your favourite class name on the timetable and confirm slot by booking. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it on the login page.

Please note that bookings across zones will now require a 2-hour break (as directed by SportSG). But don’t worry, you can still book back to back sessions within the same zone. 

What are you doing to keep our clubs safe? 

The health and safety of our community is our number 1 priority. In line with the approval from SportSG to increase our bookings to our members, we have some additional safety protocols that we will ask our members to follow. These will ensure that we keep everyone safe throughout their visit.

For more information, just  click here .

Our Booking Experience

How long do I have at the club when I have made class booking?

If you have booked a class, you will be able to arrive 10 minutes before the class starts and you will still have 15 minutes to shower and swipe out of the fitness club after your class. We know you may be eager to get started, but please only arrive on time as we will not be able to let you in before your allocated time slot.

How long do I have at the club when I have made gym floor workout booking?

We ask all members to arrive and leave during their allocated booking slot so we can safely manage our capacity according guidelines set out by Sport SG.

If you have booked a gym floor workout, you will be able to access the club for the 1 hour booking that you have booked and you need to leave before your slot has finished. 

We know you may be eager to get started, but please only arrive on time as we will not be able to let you in before your allocated time slot.

Will there be an increase in the number of classes on the timetables? 

We have been working really hard behind the scenes to offer you all your favourite classes while meeting the safe distancing measures to ensure our members and our staff’s safety comes first. 

With the new approval from SportSG, we have been able to add over 200 new classes a week to our schedule and brought back some of your favourite classes too. 

You might need to book in advance, but we are committed to still offer you the best Virgin Active experience than we can with our world-class instructors.

What is the capacity for each class?

Class capacity has been designed in line with SportSG’s guidelines on safe distancing measures. Each class, depending on its intensity and the floor space in the studio, will have a different capacity applied. You will be able to see class capacity and slots available on Mylocker too.

As per Sport SG guidelines and if you attend a group exercise class, our instructor will allocate you a specific space inside a group of maximum 5 people where usual social distancing will apply and will be clearly marked.

If more than one group attend the class, the groups will be spaced apart with at least 3 meters between the groups. The groups are not allowed to interact together and will have to enter and exit the class separately to avoid any close contact.

Our instructor will guide you through the process and we will keep record of your attendance in the class and in the group in line with government contact tracing requirements.

How many classes or gym floor work outs can I book at one time?

To keep things fair, our group exercise rules will apply. You will have 6 active bookings at any one time and you will be able to book 8 days in advance as you could before. All classes and gym floor slots with high demand will be considered as “Hot”. You will be allowed 3 “Hot” bookings at one time. Like before, once you have attended a class or gym floor booking, you will have that booking back to use again.

Am I able to train on the gym floor for longer than 1 hour?

Absolutely. If you wish to book for longer than 1 hour, simply book back to back gym floor bookings on MyLocker. So long as you book within the same zone, you book as many sessions back to back as you like.

There is no “Book a class or Workout” tile on Mylocker, only Online Workouts and Online coaching?

Please reach out to our Customer Experience team at with your member ID and they will be able to help you out.

All of the classes and gym workouts are fully booked, can I still go to the club and see if there is availability?

If all bookings seem to be full, please keep an eye on MyLocker as people may cancel their bookings. We ask members not to pop into our clubs without a booking for the safe management of our capacity restrictions.

What is the strike system if I need to cancel my class or gym floor work out?

To be fair to all our members who are keen and eager to visit us, our normal strike policy will apply. 

If you cancel your booking after 8pm the day before, you will receive 1 strike. If you cancel within the hour before your booking, you will receive 2 strikes. 

We ask everyone to be courteous to each other and if you are unable to make your booking, please cancel with as much notice as possible so someone else can take your place.

Our Safety Measures

I visited a club but failed the temperature test. Will I be reimbursed my membership dues for this day/week? 

No. However if you are unwell, we can place your membership on freeze for the next direct debit. 


If there is a case of COVID will I be notified? 

We take the health and safety of our community very seriously. In line with government guidelines, should we have a COVID case in club we will follow guidance from MOH. 


I don’t agree with having my temperature checked.  

We take the health and safety of our community very seriously and as such will require anyone wanting to access the club to complete a temperature check. If you don’t feel comfortable in doing this, then unfortunately you will not be able to access the club.

All About Your Membership Dues

I don’t feel comfortable coming into the club yet. Can I extend my freeze? Will I be charged? 

Yes, you can decide for how long you want to freeze. Just inform us at   with your member ID by the Sunday before the direct debit. The freeze fee of $10/week (excluding GST) will be applicable from 10 th September onwards.


How do I notify you to extend my freeze? 

You will receive an email from us 10 days before you are due to come off freeze. Should you wish to extend your freeze, either click the link in that email, call our Customer Experience team or email  

I have changed my mind, can I come back early from freeze? 

Absolutely! We would love to have you back. Simply log into MyLocker, click on “My Account” tile, followed by “Manage My Account”. You will have the option to unfreeze your membership at the click of a button from the palm of your hand.

Given the steam room, ice room and rock-climbing wall is still closed, will you be reducing your membership dues? 

Whilst we understand that there may be a few restrictions with our facilities due to health and safety, we will not be reducing our membership fees. However, if you do feel that this does impact your training you are able to freeze. We’d encourage you to try out our toasty spas and swimming pools instead.  


I’ve lost my job/my salary has been reduced, are you offering any assistance to members like a reduction in dues? 

Your membership dues will remain as they are; however, you do have the option to freeze your membership. 


With the limited people allowed into club at once, am I able to receive a discount or refund on membership dues if I am unable to book in for a time that suits me? 

Unfortunately, we will not be issuing discounts or refunds however with our standard group exercise booking system you are able to book 8 days in advance. With the revised capacity, if you are still struggling to book your workout in, you may choose to freeze your membership instead.

My company has asked we continue to work from home. Can I extend my freeze? Will I be charged? 

Yes, you can extend your freeze as long as you let us know by the Sunday before the direct debit date. The freeze fee of $10/week (excluding GST) will be applicable from 10 th September onwards. 


Are online workouts still complimentary for members while on freeze?    

We want to keep our members moving and exercising so rest assured that our online workouts are here to stay for you and will remain free for our members even when on freeze!