Fuel Your Body For The Optimum Workout

Like any well-oiled machine, your body can’t run at peak performance with no fuel in the tank. And not all fuels are created equally. What you eat, particularly before and after a workout, can have a significant impact on exercise results, as well as your general health and wellbeing.

Thinking about your workout in two stages – pre and post-workout – can help you to choose the best foods, so that you can get the most out of whatever movement you’re doing.



Studies show that what we put into our bodies pre and post-workout significantly impact the results we see, and how we feel. Remember, when you exercise you’re essentially expelling a whole heap of energy and hydration. At the end of a session, your body is invigorated but crying out to be topped back up. The best way to do that is through eating and drinking a variety of nutrient-packed foods.

Sweaty Work Requires Food Fuel

You want to keep it light before you hit the gym, but still feel like you have enough fuel to get through your workout. There are a number of nutrient-rich foods you can eat that will give you the sustenance you need. Try foods such as:


Many of these foods, such as eggs and yoghurt, are a great source of protein, helping you feel fuller for longer. Snacking on any of these healthy foods will ensure you’re not working out on an empty stomach, meaning your mind is stimulated and your body is raring to go.

Consider a Caffeine Hit


Have you thought about pepping yourself up with a caffeine hit before you start those lunges? Coffee can be a great pre-workout drink because it raises your blood pressure and heart rate, and releases fatty acids into the bloodstream so that fat is burnt more effectively. What’s not to love about pairing a little espresso with a bicep curl! But don’t forget your water bottle too, because you’ll want to stay hydrated at all times.


This stage is all about replenishing what you have used up while exercising. It’s important to get some healthy protein in, which supports muscle development, growth and repair, and will ensure you bounce back ready to go for your next workout. A few time-tested options include:

  • A hard-boiled egg
  • Tofu
  • Fish
  • Leafy greens
  • Brown rice


Again, don’t forget to hydrate post-workout to ensure you replace what your body has just released!

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Whether you workout before, during or after work, it can be hard to find the time to prepare something to eat both pre and post-workout. Next time you’re gearing up or winding down from a workout, grab one of KIPOS' nutrient-dense Trofi Bentos to help you make the most of your exercise. KIPOS is doing delivery now too!