Why Personal Training Will Change Your Life

When you think of Personal Training, words such as goals, fitness, size and weight may spring to mind. And, yes, these terms definitely explain part of what investing in a Personal Trainer is all about. But what are the real benefits of having someone to help train you? And, does it actually work?  

Personal training is synonymous with the saying ‘helping and supporting you to reach your fitness goals’, but is so much more than this.  

Yes, your Personal Trainer will give you a personalised training program to follow, check in regularly and re-evaluate this plan to give you new goals to achieve. They’ll program special personal circumstances, record and track your results, and share with you to help maximise these results. At times, they may even share some nutritional tips for you to incorporate into your lifestyle.

They’ll be a motivational and inspirational person, consistently challenging you to reach your sporting pinnacle. They are someone who can teach and coach you exciting exercises and how to perform them correctly, and can sometimes even act as your unofficial therapist.  

They are all of these things, but also so much more.   

A good personal trainer is someone who is fully invested in you as a person. They will intimately know your current lifestyle and by making simple, practical and achievable tweaks and changes, they will wholeheartedly support you in a lifestyle change.   

Personal training is a client-led exercise journey that takes a 360 degree look at what you want to personally achieve, and what it will take to achieve it.  It’s not just about making the dream happen, but making it happen consistently, for as long as you want it to.  

So, does that mean that personal trainers are the Dalai Lama of exercise? No, of course not. 

What it does mean is that good trainers are genuinely committed to you as a person, and their passion is to make your passions and goals a reality.  

Just being in the correct mind space to be able to successfully achieve your goals is not always an easy one. There are a lot of moving parts and you have to be fully committed. Its psychological, philosophical, spiritual as well as physical. Your trainer will be the person that makes the journey more achievable.