Virgin Active X Tencent Exclusive

Welcome To A World Of Activeness

Virgin Active teamed up with Tencent to shine the spotlight on its employees' health, wellness and fitness. 

What will employees of Tencent (Singapore) get?  

  • Company paid membership
  • Access to all Virgin Active Clubs in Singapore
  • One hour ignition session with personal trainer (includes fitness assessment)
  • Premium Virgin Active branded gym bag 


How does it work?

Step 1: Book a visit to get started

We ask that you choose either Raffles Place or Marina One as these are the two clubs which will be processing Tencent employees' enrollments. 

You may choose to visit other Virgin Active Fitness Clubs for your workouts after your memebership is set up

Book a visit to enroll at Raffles Place or Marina One here

Select "Raffles Place" or "Marina One" for "Which club would you like to tour?" 


Step 2: Activate your company paid membership
Once you’ve booked a visit with us, simply bring your Tencent badge, business card or proof of email address (that’s proof you work at Tencent) and your billing details* and we’ll set you up with your membership.    

Please note that your membership is fully paid for by Tencent. *You will however be asked to enter your billing details for items such as food, drinks, apparel and personal training should you choose to purchase in the future. 

Other important notes:

  • Upon registering, you will receive your “MyLocker” login username and password via email.
  • Book in for your gym workout or favourite class through web here. Due to Covid19 capacity guidelines, all gym workouts and classes must be booked via MyLocker (up to 8 days in advance) 
  • Booking for Fitness assessment can be scheduled during enrollment in club. 
  • For current Virgin Active members, please email or call +65 6911 0318 to request for your membership to be converted to company paid. 
  • Click here to find out more about our privacy policy.