Get ready for Test Of Will 2019

Exclusive training programs for an unbeatable head start

Pump some iron and get your body moving the right way - the Test Of Will way - with Virgin Active.

We're stoked to partner with Under Armour once again for Test Of Will and have curated a series of complimentary functional (the Virgin Active exclusive Grid series) trainings to help you ace the game just before the biggest urban fitness challenge of the year.

Prepare for a series of high intensity circuit designed to build up your muscles. Get your body conditioned for some serious pushes, pulls, squats, lunges and twists so move you the way you were meant to. Let us get the best out of you and teach you to move the tough way. 

You're invited to join our complimentary* training sessions in June. Each training session will happen at one of our Virgin Active clubs and there will be different timings for you to choose.

Our first two sessions will be held on 3 June at Virgin Active Tanjong Pagar at the following timings.

Grid Fit: 7.20 am (12 slots)

Grid Fit: 6:45 pm (12 slots)

Limited slots are available so please pop in your details below so we can reserve your slots and make sure you get the most out of the Virgin Active experience. This includes full access to all Rest and Recovery facilities. 

 * This complimentary training is only applicable to Test of Will 2019 participants who registered for the training via this form. It is non-refundable, non-exchangeable and not transferable to other parties.