Stress less at Virgin Active

This isn’t a gym membership - it’s a healthy relationship.

At Virgin Active we offer a wide range of active recovery and relaxation spaces and facilities.

Salt Inhalation Room

Get comfy in our day beds while you detox and unwind in our Salt Inhalation Room. With Himalayan salt heated and a controlled temperature and humidity, it's a great way for cleansing your respiratory track as you destress.


Experiential Showers

Chillax in our range of experiential showers built with busy executives in mind. Try Water Paradise; which is a brilliant blend of four different showers offering different levels of warmth, colour and intensity giving you unique wellness in just a few seconds. Cool off with tropical rain and cold mist showers with essential oils infused to give you an added sensory experience, perfect for winding down after a good workout.


Swimming pools & hydrotherapy spa

Whether it’s an all-round workout, a refreshing splash after hitting the machines, or a leisurely dip after work, we guarantee you’ll be swimming with options in this 20m expanse of blue (comfortably heated no less!). Immerse yourself with the abundance of natural light streaming through the glass panels and soak in the panoramic views of the city while you’re at it. Bliss out in our hydrotherapy spa pool to relieve muscle tensions, alleviate some pressure and basically just enjoy that little respite and ‘me-time’ we think you deserve. 


Sleep Pods

Get away from the noise and cocoon yourself in our zero-gravity technology. Sleep pods recline for optimum napping, promote blood flow and reduce pressure on the lower back. Ambient sounds help you to drift off, while subtle vibrations bring you oh-so-gently back to life. A welcome break for those who love a lunchtime nap or are recovering from a big night!


Cafe / Lounges

At our convenient, quick and easy nutrition station, we use the freshest and tastiest ingredients to make delicious and nutritious meals, shakes and coffee. They’re super tasty - just like you. Why not share a snack with a loved one or friend?


We're always happy to show you around our clubs and have you stress less with us. Pop in your details below to get started.