Be great on our Pilates Reformer beds

You'd probably recognize the Pilates Reformer even if you've never used one. It's a hulking machine that consists of a sliding carriage rigged with springs, bars and straps. On this apparatus, you lie, kneel, stand and sit to create a balanced body and strong core — or "powerhouse," as creator Joseph Pilates called it. 

Pilates Reformer offers plenty of benefits, including total body conditioning and strength-building but without the complex postures and meditation in Yoga classes. It should be mixed into any fitness or wellness regime you are on to improve one's core.

If you think Pilates Reformer is just a class, we say think again. At Virgin Active, Pilates Reformer is a progressive journey with different phases for members of all levels to get started.

Here's the Virgin Active difference in Pilates Reformer.

Reformer Starter


Reformer Beginner



Reformer Classical


Reformer Intermediate


Reformer HIIT


Pilates Reformer classes are available at Virgin Active clubs listed below. Have our consultants call you and show you how a Reformer class looks like.