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Inbody Tracker Analysis

Do you know what you're made of?

They say 60% of it is water, but you're made of more

It’s important to monitor your body composition ratio. In a healthy state, the human body keeps a well-balanced ratio, while in an unhealthy state, an instable ratio may result in obesity, edema, malnutrition or osteoporosis

Why shouldn’t I base my health status off my weight alone?

The ratio between muscle mass and body fat and the distribution of body fat is more meaningful and important than body weight. Muscle is denser than fat, that is why a slim person with more muscle can weigh more than a person with more fat.

Why do I need to know how much muscle I have?

There are many benefits to having a proper amount of muscle mass. You can see how effective your exercise was by checking the changes of your muscle. Not just the amount of muscle, checking muscle distribution helps you prevent muscle imbalance. If the amount of mineral and muscle mass in the lower body is insufficient, this may overwork the joints and the risk of arthritis will increase.

How can I check my body composition?

Here at Virgin Active, we use an InBody Tracker that uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), a non-invasive electrical pulse, to estimate body fat and muscle mass. The pulse travels easily through water, blood and muscle, but less so through fat and bone. So the amount of fat and muscle can be accurately estimated based on how this pulse travels through your body.

Sample results


Your InBody Tracker results can indicate the changes you need to make to your body composition and which exercises will have what level of effect in terms of burning calories for your body type. Ongoing use can report the gains achieved through exercise and consumption of a balanced diet.

Get your very own InBody Tracker results at Virgin Active, and we'll help explain further so you know what you're made of. Enter your details below and we'll contact you shortly to make an appointment.

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