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Get into our cycling equipment and ride it like you stole it!

At Virgin Active, we're proud to say we offer the best cycling programmes along with a variety of cycling equipment to give you the best possible cycle experiences and to achieve your workout goals. Whether it be training for a triathlon or simply improving aerobic fitness, we've got a cycling class for you.

Our cycling programmes can be broadly categorised into 3 types (HIIT, IMMERSIVE and AURAL).



LES MILLS SPRINTTM is a high-energy, structured-led group indoor cycling workout built on the science of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It’s intense, it’s powerful, and it only takes 30 minutes, which makes it well-suited for busy individuals looking to optimise their time in the gym. 

WATT RIDE is a small group high-intensity structured training bike program where your cycling performance is beamed on a screen. The Watt Bike displays your power output and analyses your pedalling technique so you can work on building the most efficient technique with the help from our trainer. 

V-RIDE is Virgin Active’s in-house cycling cardio and fitness interval training designed to improve your aerobic fitness. Our pack leader will coach you into riding a series of terrains including flats, sprints, and hills.

FLIGHT SERIES uses the latest Stages SC3 bikes that allow you to experience outdoor training, indoors. Improve your cycling performance by riding closely to the 5 heart-rate zones displayed on our screens to achieve the after burn. Stages Flight is the new web-based data analysis tool with big-screen display, integrated bike reservation, and mobile applications.



THE SUFFERFEST is one of the most raved about indoor cycling training program with performance targets to improve climbing, sprinting, speed or power in your cycling game. With licensed footage of Tour de France, Giro, World Championships and more, you’ll feel like you’re a part of our big cycling team.



LES MILLS RPMTM is a group indoor cycling workout where you ride to the rhythm of powerful music. Hard house, pop, a little rock - you'll find it all in an RPM class. The music is carefully chosen to motivate you while pushing you to work harder. Let the beat drop!

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